koi Scrub Capsule Wardrobe- Fall Edition


Hey there everybody, its me (Megan) again,


Are you ever overwhelmed with the large selection of scrubs available?

If this is a struggle for you, a capsule wardrobe can help!


Capsule wardrobes are used to make the most out of your clothing. By having a small selection of versatile items, you can maximize your wear per piece.

So why not apply this concept to scrubs? If you are new to scrubs, this is a great place to start. If you live in a city that has four seasons, why not have four capsules? One for every season. Seeing how fall is our next season, let’s talk about what it could look like.




Neutrals – are the base of your wardrobe (navy, charcoal, brown, etc.).

Jewel Tones – are the perfect hue to add to a fall wardrobe.


Keep in mind you also want a variety of pant styles and tops to mix up your looks.



It’s best to make sure you have at least 1 color in your capsule, this helps keep it trendy and creates an accent to your outfits. A color can be a staple in your capsule or it can be one of your transitional pieces. Personally, for a scrub wardrobe 2 neutrals and 2 colors are ideal, which allows for a good amount of mixing.


Let’s not forget that pieces can be changed out or added with the season. With all the scrub color options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Prints are a great place to start because all the colors you need are in the print. Use all solid tops if you like and find a print for color inspiration.Pick 2 neutrals from the top, a main color and an accent color.




My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Template:

Pant 1 – Neutral

Pant 2 – Neutral

Pant 3 – Jewel Tone

Pant 4 – Seasonal Color/Jewel Tone

Top 1 – Neutral

 Top 2 – Neutral

Top 3 – Jewel Tone

Top 4 – Print/Seasonal/Jewel Tone



With 4 tops and 4 pants you can mix and match all for 16 different scrub outfit combinations! This autumn try a capsule wardrobe and spice up your scrub style!



By Megan B.


Alberta, Canada




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