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To shoppers far and wide, and from all walks of life, 


it’s time to spill the tea when it comes to online shopping. Whether you shop online for the latest trends, bargains, just browsing, etc. There is no doubt that what should have taken a few minutes, can quickly turn into a few hours (or at the very least, you have 20+ tabs open). But taking the time when online shopping is not necessarily a bad thing (yes, it can become a never-ending wormhole), but this demonstrates your willingness to learn more as a consumer! You work hard for your money, and you deserve the best in return, it’s as simple as that. 


We wanted to share with you some tips for when you shop online.  




Always look for reviews! 


  • Positive reviews include

    • Real people who have real opinion

      • Some websites verify the customer’s purchase or account and display it next to their username.

    • Relevant product or service details

      • Reviews should be useful and touch points on the subject at hand.

    • Post dates on the review

      • Recent reviews are more relevant than reviews left over a year ago.

    • Thorough explanations of the product or service

      • The more descriptive, the better it will help you!

  • Negative reviews include:

    •  Bias opinions

      • Be wary of users who are being overly subjective

    • Objective comments

      • Authentic negative opinions are beneficial when making a decision.


  •    Fake reviews include: 

    •  Company made posts

      • Some companies hire marketing companies to write favorable reviews for them.

    • Bot spamming, rating, commenting

    • Generic descriptions

    • Irrelevant wordage

The more you read the more you know! 



Also be sure to also share a review whenever you can. Contributing to the online community can benefit another interested buyer!



One Size fits all?

  • Model representation

    • Model details in description

    • Model sizing information


  •     Measure yourself

    • When in doubt you can always take your own measurements at home using a measuring tape and follow the stores size guide.


  • Look for fabric information (that best suits you)

    • Cotton- breathable and uses natural fibers

    • Polyester- Strong material and doe not wrinkle

    •  Spandex- Elastic and resistant to perspiration


But remember, if you have the option of trying on an item in the store, take advantage because you’ll most likely be the same size across the brand’s other products 


Website Offers Matter!


  • Website Offers Matter!

    • Free shipping

    •  Fast Delivery

    • Newsletter promotion codes

We hope you guys found this helpful and don’t forget to keep these tips in mind next time you do some online shopping.



Until next time!






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