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Hey everyone,


my name is Kristina, and I’d like to share a personal story,


I have been part of the medical profession for 19 years. When working in the medical profession and through nursing school you are instructed that a nurse needs to be caring, compassionate, empathetic, a patient advocate, an active listener, and an educator to their patients, as well as multiple other qualities. You know this is an important part of your job, and for me I realized just how important it was when I switched roles and I became the patient. 




This year my health took some interesting twists and turns, and I ended up experiencing what it was like to be on the other side of the fence and become the patient. From my experience as the patient I learned so much, and will take so much with me into my practices as a pediatric nurse.  When a kid is crying over having to get another IV stick, and the parents are frustrated with their child having to experience that; I can relate. (After multiple lab draws, 2 iron infusions, multiple pokes to get an IV in me). When a kid is not sure what to expect from an MRI I can now sit down with them and explain what it is like, what sounds to expect, and how loud it I; I can relate. When a patient is nervous and scared for surgery or the parents are, I can relate (I was so scared before my surgery and now I am totally understanding of the experience).




To have an amazing medical team that is compassionate, understanding, and supportive makes a difference to a patient. I will use my experiences as a patient to make myself a better bedside nurse.  I will make it a point to remember my experiences, feelings, and carry that over to my bedside practices in a way that benefits my patients and their families.  It is very different switching roles from being the nurse that takes care of others to being the patient that needs others to take care of them.







By Kristina P.

Arizona, US

Pediatric Nurse






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