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Hey it’s me again, Megan.


I’m here to share with you a few ideas on how to mix up your scrub style! I worked in retail for 4 years, before and while in school to be a MRT(R). Fashion and trends were a big part of my retail job and I carried that over into my hospital career!





Classics – Monochromatic, Prints and Neutrals


Monochromatic- containing or using only one color. This is a very common look within the scrub world as people tend to buy both pants and tops in the same color, and then wear those sets together. I recently tried an adaptation of this trend by using different shades of the same color!


Prints- designs or patterns that can be made with many colors. You can wear the same top over and over with different colored pants and it brings out different aspects of the top. Prints are my favorite to match, plus they don’t show the wrinkles as much!


Neutrals – are an essential for any wardrobe, can match with anything, such as white or black. Browns, navy and earthy greens are considered neutrals.




Trendy – Jewel Tones, Pastels and Bright Colors


Jewel Tones – rich color tones with high color saturation that can look parallel to gemstone colors. They are universally flattering, it can be stress-free when adding them into your scrub rotation.


Pastels – a soft, delicate shade of a color. The subtle nature of pastels make it a fun shade to wear!


Bright – A bright color is strong, lively, and not dull. These colors are not everyone’s top pick, especially not in a full set, liked more as separates.




It can be helpful to look at the color wheel when getting started, I like the one below as it shows the different shades of each color. It has a ring for each category, like pastels, jewel tones and brights, which is user friendly when mixing different color families.


I start with one of my favorite colors as my base color, then I decide if I want a complementary color (opposites on the color wheel) or an analogous color (adjacent on the wheel to the base color). Each color has its own variety of shades, and hues. Find what shade of color you like then mix and match from there!


You can start with a combination you already wear together, and by mixing with another color similar or adjacent on the color wheel, you can have a totally different look but with the essence of the outfit you already like! There are so many colors and combinations out there so the only limit with color mixing is your imagination!



No matter your scrub style Koi has got you covered! Check out the “Shop by Color” section on their website! It’s a great way to see the variety of colors they offer and which styles are available in each color! Have fun with your scrub style!






By Megan Burkart

Alberta Canada








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