Answer These Question Before You Go Scrub Shopping

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Lets talk shop(ping). While most of the time, shopping can be fun and therapeutic, shopping can also be stressful! Who knew that having so many options could create untold pressures? But its totes worth it, if you find “the one”!


There are several methods to approach your shopping experience, but we’ve compiled the best tips you need so that you feel confident that your choice was the right decision. (What can we say, what are besties for? <3)



Highlights when shopping


Cross off Indecisiveness from your list. We’ve all had that moment when we wanted something while not knowing what that something might be. But If you rather go with the flow when choosing your scrubs, power to you. But if you’re short on time and want to make sure you’re making the right decision while purchasing, then consider the following:


  • Do I want a top, pant, or both?

  • Is there something in particular that I want/need?

  • Which koi collection should I look into?


Now that you’ve taken the time to ask yourself these crucial questions, its time to factor in both online and retail experience.



Shop online when:


  • Veni, Vidi, Vivi! 

    • You came, you saw and you conquered! Or in other words, you already knew what you were looking for.

  • You’re interested in a wider range on styles, sizes, and colors. 

    • There’s no room to settle when you’re looking for the best. 

  • You’re a BOSS 

    • Access for shopping goods is easiest online

  • Shippings not too much of a concern 

    • There are more options to help accommodate your needs 

    • Note: Handing time might not always be included within the shipping time, so keep an eye out!

  • You want to see the reviews 

    • Make sure reviews are real by cross-referencing with other sources because some companies make fake ones! (But never at koi, because we love to read your comments!)


Shop in person when:


  • You’re in the mood to put on a Scrubs Fashion Show!

    • Tag us using #koiscrubs

  • You’re unsure of

    • What size you are

    • How the style will fit

  • You’re adding Inspector to your credentials

    • You’re able to determine what feels comfortable what is best for you

  • There’s no waiting!

    • You get to take home exactly what you wanted and show it off the next.



Be sure to check out koi’s store locator to help you find the closest retailer near you!

Hopefully the next time you decide to shop koi, you feel better prepared to fall in love with the scrub of your choice.


Until next time!

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