koi Summer Scrubs 2019

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Summer is quickly approaching, which means fun filled weekends with friends and family, all the yummy treats you could imagine and new tunes for the daily car drives. But when it comes to scrubs and summer, we understand how the two might not always mix well.


That’s why we created our Fave Summer Scrubs List!



koi Lite Ombre (Click image for the look)


No summer wardrobe is complete without our beloved ombre top. Perform in style throughout your day by adding this to your collection. You perform your best throughout the day; there’s not doubt that this top can help you look the best too!


PS: turns out some nurses found a loop hole on unit restriction with our colors (Disclosure: Dress code ultimately varies upon employer)



koi Classic Kyra Top (Click image for the look)


This top is great for any occasion (especially our electric blue color). The Kyra style offers a form-fitting look and incorporates breathable fabric to help you stay cool throughout your shift.





koi Stretch Tanya Top (Click Image for the look)


Feel the vacation vibes all day every day with the Tanya Rainforest Top! A tropical pattern that is sure to make a statement. Not only does this top look cool, but the superior stretch fabric will feel that way too.


koi Stretch Luna tokidoki (Click image for the look)


tokidoki is a must have, no matter what! This mock wrap is flattering and made to keep you fresh. From the cotton-based fabric to the glittery touches seen on the print. This style is great from the day into a night out!


koi Lite lotus top (Click image for the look)


Want a simple yet totes cute look? Then look no further, because koi Lite Lotus top is perfect! Engineered with the best fabrics, this top offers moisture-wicking abilities to help you feel fresh throughout the long hot days.


Until next time!


Feature Image via: Shutterstock/catbox

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