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Hey #BetseyBabe,


Now that the secret is out about Betsey Johnson scrubs. We wanted to spill the tea on the design process that brought these scrubs to life! But before we dive into the line, we have to share how Betsey Johnson and koi came to be.


For starters this collaboration was a match made in heaven. Collaborating with a fashion icon that we’ve admired for a long time, was a once in a lifetime experience. Recognized for her quirky style, when the idea for Betsey Johnson scrubs was in the air, we knew this collaboration just had to happen.


Choosing Betsey Johnson classic 80’s vibe for the line was easy! This was perfect because both long time Betsey Johnson fans, and present-day trendsetters could enjoy the collection. So for our initial launch all of our tops will come with a free scrunchie!



Here are a few of the several components when designing a scrubs fashion line:



  1. The Brainstorm: When working with a team of designers, it is crucial to find a balance between style and ideas. We created over 100 designs, but only 5 made the cut for this season.



  1. Colors: While there are several tones and shades to pick from, Pink was a must have color and Betsey’s signature color. We loved the classic edginess of pink. It’s fun, girly and fierce.


  1. Prints: After going through archives of samples, we fell in love with the ikat dot and rose print. Fun fact: the rose print is one of Betsey’s favorites! Then the design team made slight modifications, and sent the prints out to Betsey’s team for approval.



  1. Fabric: Want something soft with a little stretch? We created a polyester rayon spandex blend that will also keep you cool and dry. What we love most about it is how flattering the fabric is.


  1. Fit: This line has a modern fit. But Betsey scrubs won’t sacrifice style for comfort. 



  1. Design:We wanted to incorporate Betsey’s feminine and girly style. Fun fact; our Magnolia top began as a simple v-neck It was only after many revisions we got this style right.


  1. Details:  Betsey is all about the details. This line incorporates her signature into the buttons, snaps, and charms. You will even see her name in the prints.



We could literally write about this for hours because we love making scrubs more than anything. Designing Betsey Johnson Scrubs has by far been one of our biggest highlights of the year. We truly enjoyed designing each garment, and we think the final outcome shows it. There are several more elements in the overall design process, but none of this would have been possible without a great design team from both sides of the collaboration: Betsey Johnson scrubs, it’s one for the books.


Until next time!

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