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Sisterhood of the Travelling Scrubs

Hi there friends, my name is Megan Burkart and I am an MRT(R) I live in a small town in Alberta, which currently doesn’t have a scrub store; I am forced to shop online which is still convenient. So when I make it into a city that has a brick and mortar, I make an effort to stop in.


While on Christmas break from my practicum, I went to Texas. I was out shopping and to my surprise I came across a scrub store. As usual they had so many colors and patterns, but because I was still a student, I was required to wear all black scrubs. I decided to treat myself; I went straight to Koi and picked out a Katelyn top. Now this top color doesn’t reflect my current wardrobe but it is a reminder of my trip to Houston.


Image by Megan Burkart


I have come a long way from the mandatory black scrubs, and I definitely appreciate the new freedom I have now. In my recent trips to Hawaii, I have found a local scrub store; I was able to get tops that represented my trip and the feeling of “aloha”. I may have gone with an empty suitcase and I might have come back with one full of Koi scrubs! Not even kidding… I just love scrubs!



Image by Megan Burkart

When you go on vacation and have a list of souvenirs to get for people? It’s exhausting! <But why not buy a scrub souvenir?!>On one of my trips I was debating what I was going to get my MRT friend…I mean how many key chains and magnets can one person have?… While at the scrub store, I knew that she would love a scrub top! Especially because she is a “scrubaholic


Image by Megan Burkart


My curated vacation collection gets the most compliments because they may not be a style or pattern that I would normally wear. I do appreciate that the scrubs have the ability to represent where I have been. These trips are the perfect time to branch out and try something new with your scrub style! I would recommend checking out the store locator on the Koi website to see if there is a store at your next destination! On your upcoming trip consider a scrub souvenir for yourself or a friend, you might be impressed with what you find!

Shop local, Shop Koi.


Store Locator (US & Canada).


By Megan Burkart

Alberta Canada



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