BCRF x koi : Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout the month of October, you’ll notice a plethora of organizations and brands teaming up to spread awareness and make a buck off Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Retailers and organizations donate or produce limited edition items that support or donate to organizations supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and we wanted to be apart of the movement.


In researching charities and organizations to partner up with, we came across dozens of organizations and charities but wanted to choose a foundation we could cultivate an organic partnership with and who would allocate as close to 100 percent of our donations to those benefiting from their charity work. Ultimately, we choose The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



The Breast Cancer Research Foundation invests in researchers across the globe working on projects to help prevent, fight and cure Breast Cancer. For every dollar spent 90 cents is allocated to tackling this disease. They currently fund nearly 300 researchers across 14 countries who’ve all contributed to accelerate advances and transform how we tackle breast cancer today. These factors led us to believe this was the best charity organization to partner with on this cause.



In partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, we curated a small collection of items you can purchase in support of breast cancer research. We’re donating $2 for every scrub top purchase and $1 for every accessory purchase directly to the BCRF.


To date, we’ve raise over $100,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



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