Women Empowered: Meet Amy Owen

“Amy is a great example of an successful entrepreneurial woman with passion .”


Q: Why did you choose this career, or how did it choose you?


“It chose me, and it was pure fate. I was out in the field, working in a sales job unrelated to uniforms. The store I was visiting on my sales call was a national uniform manufacturer. They called me later and wanted to recruit me! I was astounded! It was a little scary to transition into a new field, but it was a great job offer and there was no way I could turn it down. I took the job and never looked back.”


Q: What’s your favorite part about your job? What makes you smile?


“Helping customers choose the styles that best fit their size and shape. There are many choices because our bodies are so different from one another. There is a perfect fit for everyone. I can’t help myself but I am already thinking of a style that would look good on a customer when they walk in the door – I immediately start thinking of what they might like or what might look great on them. It isn’t always something they like, or might choose if they are on their own. It’s interesting to see how something new might look on them. If they look good in it you can see the happiness in their face. If they think they look frumpy- they do – because they feel that way. It’s a challenge!”


Q: If you could give one piece of advice to women pursuing their career, what would it be?


“Never give up on your vision. We should be able to take care of ourselves without help from someone else. That’s a terrible position to be in – dependent upon someone else to pay the bills. We have to be self-sufficient. Otherwise, we could be forced into making decisions that are not true to who we are and/or value in life. ”


Q: If you could be a cartoon character who would you be?


“I would be Veronica, from the Archie & Veronica comic book series. Having it all: Living in a mansion, a chauffeur, carefree, with tons of beautiful clothes, clothes. Did I mention clothes? I have loved having new pretty clothes since fifth grade. I fell in love with a tapestry midi-coat in a window display when I was with my mother. I had 6 brothers and sisters – the answer of course was “no. I was determined to own that coat and set about doing odd jobs to save up the $38. To own it. The winter season was almost over and I was shy $7. My mother paid the balance. A fashionista was born!”

Q: What is your favorite item from Koi and why?


“The Lindsey pant made fashion a reality in the scrub industry. The rise is just right, details like the contrast stitching at the knees, pocket flap, and utility loop. Customers including myself wear these pants regularly outside of work hours. They fit right into my wardrobe worn with a tank, Tee, or topped with a tailored blouse. Add sandals and I’m ready for the day!”


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