So you need a lab coat for work. But with so many options out there, how do you find the perfect one for you? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your work environment.

Where you work will often dictate the type of lab coat or jacket you choose. If you work in a hospital, choose a style that offers more coverage for protection and warmth. For dental practices, lab jackets with ribbed cuffs, like the koi Lite Clarity jacket, are a great choice. For spas, cosmetic surgeons or state-of-the-art practices, something modern and fashion-forward can help you project the right image.

  1. The stuff you carry every day.

If you’re like most healthcare professionals, you carry a lot of gear. Pick a lab coat with lots of pockets. Extra storage always comes in handy. Some lab coats, like the koi Riley unisex lab coat, even have a pocket for your iPad.

  1. Light or heavy?

Lab coats come in different fabric weights. If you run around a lot or live in a warmer climate, consider something lighter weight. If your workplace is on the cooler side, you might want something heavier to keep you warm.

  1. Quality matters.

It’s likely you don’t buy lab coats very often. So you want one that will last. Our advice: Spend a little extra for a better made coat. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

  1. The pluses and minuses of soil release.

When comparing lab coats, you may come across some that offer soil release. A soil release finish can help prevent liquids and particles from soaking through the fabric. However, this feature sacrifices breathability and often times, it loses its effectiveness after a few washes. So if breathability is a priority for you, it may be better to choose a lab coat without this feature.

  1. Try before you buy.

Lab coats come in many styles, fabrics, weights and lengths. Fit and sizing will vary by brand. So before you buy, try on several styles at your local uniform shop to see what works best for you. It will save you the hassle of returning something that isn’t quite right.

By following these tips, hopefully, you’ll end up with a lab coat that’s perfect for you.

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