If you’re a petite woman, you know what a challenge it can be finding the right size scrubs. Sometimes the tops are too long, the pants drag on the floor or the proportions are simply wrong.


Here are some tips to help you find the best scrubs for you.


1. Try before you buy.

Many local uniform retailers carry a variety of petite styles you can try on. Sizing and fit vary by brand so the best way to ensure a proper fit is to try on different brands to see what works best for you. If your local uniform shop doesn’t carry petite scrubs, encourage them to do so. Most uniform shops will be willing to put in a special order for you.


2. Look for brands that offer Petite and Extra Petite inseams.

Pants the wrong length can be a tripping hazard. Typically, regular pants inseams are around 31”. For a petite nurse, this means hemming the pants or having them drag on the floor. So seek out pants with petite (P) inseams (typically 29”). Some brands like koi even offer select styles with extra petite (XP) inseams (27”). koi also offers many styles in XS and XXS.


3. Pay attention to hemlines.

Some pants styles just work better for petite women. For example, koi offers a number of pants styles (such as the koi classics Lindsey pants or the koi Lite Spirit pants) with an adjustable bungee toggle at the hem. This allows the wearer to cinch up the pants at the right length, no alterations required. Likewise, the koi Lite Happiness jogger-style pants have a row of snaps at the hem that allows easy adjustment of length.


4. Don’t forget your shoes.

Before you purchase scrubs pants, think about the size of the heel you will be wearing with your pants. This will help you determine the correct length for your scrub pants.


5. Look for shorter length tops.

Not all tops are designed to be the same length. For a more flattering fit, look for tops on the shorter side, such as the koi Classics Ashley top, koi Basics Becca top and koi Lite Philosophy top.


6. Talk to petite co-workers.

Likely, they deal with same sizing issues as you do. Ask which brands and styles work best for them. They may be able to tell you which local uniform shops carry petite styles.


7. Get advice from online Nursing Forums

Nursing forums like can be a great resource for getting info on the best petite scrubs or any other nursing questions you may have.

8. Check out online reviews


Go to the website of popular online uniform retailers like, or and read product reviews of styles you are considering.


By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect scrubs for you.

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