Thinking about updating the uniforms for your group, private practice or hospital unit? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Cheapest isn’t always cheaper.

Sometimes the cheapest option can be more costly in the long run. Cheaper scrubs often feature lesser quality materials and workmanship and may need to be replaced more often. You don’t have to go with the most expensive option but be wary of the cheapest.

Plus, keep in mind that some brands charge extra for Plus and Tall sizes. koi is one brand that doesn’t.

  1. First impressions are lasting.

Choose a look that reflects the image you want to project. For a dental practice or cosmetic surgeon, you may want a more modern stylish look like koi Tech or koi Lite. For a pediatric practice, you may want bright colors and prints.

  1. Every body is unique.

Not everyone has the same shape or body type. What’s flattering for one team member may not be flattering for another. So go with a collection that offers multiple tops and pants that can be mixed and matched while still maintaining a cohesive look.

  1. Size matters.

Choose styles that are available in a wide size range to accommodate all members of your team. For example, koi offers many popular styles in XXS to 5X and inseam in regular, tall, petite and extra petite. But not all brands offer as many sizing options so be sure to check before you settle on a brand.

  1. There are 50 shades of grey.

And they’re not all the same. Navy scrubs from one scrub brand or collection may not be the same exact shade as Navy from a different brand. For best results, match scrub tops with pants from the same brand or collection. Also, colors display differently in different fabrics so it’s preferable to match tops and pants made with the same fabric content.

  1. Easy is better.

Choose easy care scrubs that are wrinkle, fade and shrink-resistant. They’ll last longer and your team will thank you for it. Easy care, wash-and-wear collections from koi include koi Lite, koi Basics, koi Tech and Mariposa by koi.

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