What are the best scrubs for men?

When it comes to buying scrubs, women have unlimited options. For guys, not so much.

So if you’re a guy in need of scrubs, here’s a brief guide to finding the perfect scrubs for you.

5 important things to consider when buying men’s scrubs

  1. Fit

If you’ve ever owned scrubs that fit like an oversized tent, you know what we mean. Not everyone has the same body shape and not every manufacturer cuts their scrubs the same way. Before you buy scrubs from an unfamiliar brand, try them on first.

  1. Pockets

If you’re like most guys, you carry a lot of stuff. Trust us, you can never have enough pockets. So be sure to do a pocket count before your buy.

  1. Price

There are cheap scrubs and very expensive scrubs. Don’t think you’ll save money by buying the cheapest scrubs you can find. You get what you pay for. Choose something in the middle price range.

  1. Fabric

While you may not spend a lot of time thinking about fabric, you should. For instance, cotton blends can be soft and comfortable, but wrinkle easily. Scrubs made with synthetic fibers, like koi Lite, offer the benefit of stretch for easy movement as well as lightweight comfort and moisture-wicking to help you stay cool and dry.

  1. Easy care

For the easiest care, go with synthetics. Polyester/Spandex scrubs like koi Lite and koi Stretch look great straight from the wash. Just wash and wear. No ironing required. They’re also less likely fade or attract lint.

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the more popular brands for men’s scrubs:

  • Cherokee Workwear (cherokeeuniforms.com)

Basics no-frills scrubs, generally inexpensive, lightweight, full cut.

  • Grey’s Anatomy (medical.barcouniforms.com)

Soft and comfortable, very popular brand of scrubs, although some complain about a lack of side pockets.

  • Carhartt Ripstop (carhartt.com)

Durable and comfortable, lots of pockets, cotton/poly ripstop fabric.

Modern, athletic fit, with moisture-wicking and lightweight stretch fabric. Easy care.

  • koi Basics (koihappiness.com)

Lower-priced collection featuring stretch and details found in more expensive scrubs. (Available July 2018).

Soft and comfortable, classic styling, lots of pockets, cotton/poly soft twill.

Features stretch for comfort and easy movement, lots of pockets, easy care.

  • Figs (wearfigs.com)

Stylish, premium-priced scrubs, typically with stretch and moisture-wicking properties.

Remember, when considering a brand you haven’t worn before, we recommend trying them on in person (at least the first time) since sizing and fit will vary by brand. Scrubs that may be perfect for your co-workers may not be perfect for your preferences and body type. So try a few different brands to find the right scrubs for you.

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