Congratulations to these koi contest winners!

Recently, we asked koi customers to write to us about their outstanding store experiences with koi retailers. Here are the winning entries. Each winner won a koi gift bag.

I would like to commend one of your retailers. Her name is Phyllis @ Scrubs N Duds(Tampa Bay Uniforms). I deal with her online and she is very personable, patient and caring. She always emails me to let me know what items she has available or when the items will be available. While I was anxiously waiting on Koi’s new fall line to arrive, she emailed weekly with updates, and not just a one-sentence email. She made me feel like she was just as anxious as I was. I have purchased so many Koi uniforms(over 30 items) from her just because she spends quality time ensuring that I am totally satisfied. Her free shipping is wonderful and unlike most online retailers’ free shipping, hers is speedy. I have always been impressed with my orders when they arrive. It has gotten to the point where I would rather shop online with her instead of shopping at a store.  I am miles apart from her but I could just imagine the wonderful customer service she gives in her store. You couldn’t have picked a better retailer to sell your fashionable scrubs. Thumbs up to Phyllis @ Scrubs N Duds. Keep making those spectacular scrubs for women like me. I just love them. Gwendolyn W., Orlando, FL            

Where Gwendolyn shops:

Scrubs N Duds
2620 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704 
(727) 894-6569      

I wanted to share with you my experiences shopping at Posh Uniforms in Hillsboro, Oregon. As a new nursing graduate, I wanted to purchase scrubs that made me feel and look competent. I had in my mind that nurses could only wear solid, drab colors to convey professionalism. Liz, the store associate who was helping me select my first set of scrubs urged me to try on Koi even though I initially balked. Reluctantly, I took the set she offered and went off to the dressing room. I wasn’t expecting to like what I saw. However, when I had the floral print on, I loved it! Not only was the uniform especially attractive, it gave me a lovely shape unlike most other scrubs. From that day on, whenever I called Posh, Liz remembered who I was and even had scrubs ready for me to try on when I went to the store the next time. Today she stayed forty-five minutes past closing time helping me select and try on scrubs. That’s amazing customer service! Now I own several sets of Koi. Despite my initial misgivings, I think my patients appreciate the cheerful colors and I love the way I feel in them. Thank you! Dannie B., Lebanon, OR        

Where Dannie shops: 

Posh Uniforms
2061 NW Aloclek Dr.   
Hillsboro, OR 97124   
(503) 614-8006       

I am a Canadian Citizen and I have found your products at Whistle Workwear in Bellingham, WA. The girls that work there are so nice and friendly all the time.  I often will go to the US just to visit the store. Many times, they have just received a new shipment of Koi clothing and they will open the boxes just to show me.  I have purchased products from them even before they have labelled and priced the shipment.  I really like your product and appreciate that you have made wearing nursing uniforms more attractive and stylish. Shandalin M., Sumas, WA        

Where Shandalin shops:

Whistle Workwear  
3908 Meridian Street  
Bellingham, WA 98226 
(360) 676-7182      

My name is Melody C., and I am an employee at Sentara Leigh Hospital in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Today I have purchased almost $200.00 worth of Koi scrubs. I am deeply into each and every design of Koi. I had spent almost 2 hours trying to decide on which scrub tops to get, so I had purchased all that was available. I actually enjoyed trying them on, usually I just pick srubs that are my size and just go straight to the register. But after seeing the unique and mind blowing designs, I couldn’t resist trying them on. I am so glad that Kathy Peterson put out her Koi designs, because after awhile I wasn’t really finding many scrub tops that I wanted to spend my money on. But after purchasing these Koi items, I already cannot wait until the store I purchase from puts out some new ones. I am the type of girl that loves fashion, and after purchasing these scrubs, I will be feeling good working in style. Thanks for giving us women in the health care field to feel good aout wearing uniforms! Its such a pleasure to own some Koi designed scrubs, and I would not mind buying them every chance that I get. I had purchased my items at First Uniforms in Norfolk, Virginia. I often purchase my scrubs there, always searching for eye catching ones. They give good service, and sometimes they even sell their items in our work. Thanks again! Melody C., Virginia Beach, VA        

Where Melody shops:

First Uniform 
Broad Creek Shopping Center
1207 N. Military Highway Suite E  
Norfolk, VA 23502 
(757) 455-9570   

I wanted to mention to you an amazing retailer in Tampa….her name is Phyllis Gagliardo at Tampa Bay Uniforms.  Her customer service is exemplary and goes way beyond anyone I have done business with. She keeps me updated on your scrub line and holds items for me until I am ready to purchase…all I have to do is email her.  She has been wonderful about holding items that have even sold out like hotcakes!!   Phyllis is  amazing at personalized service and of taking care of details like spending almost a half hour on the web with me trying to figure out why my credit with her wasn’t showing up at the checkout….She really is an amazing woman and is a HUGE fan of your line! Thank you again for an AWESOME scrub line!!  I am the envy of my nursing class!Alexandria R., Santa Fe, NM           

Where Alexandria shops:      

Congratulations to all our winners and a big shout out to the koi retailers listed above who go beyond the call of duty!  

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